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Agra Heritage Walking Tour

Agra Heritage Walking Tour

Duration: 1 Day

Destinations: Delhi – Agra – Delhi

An Agra Heritage Walking Tour is a guided exploration of the historical and cultural sites of Agra, India, conducted on foot.Agra is a city steeped in history and is renowned for being the home of the iconic Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. However, Agra's heritage extends beyond the Taj Mahal, and a walking tour offers a more intimate and immersive experience of the city's rich past. During an Agra Heritage Walking Tour, you might expect to visit a variety of attractions, including:

Detail Itinerary of Agra Heritage Walking Tour

Taj Mahal:

While not entirely a walking distance from the city center, a guided tour could include a visit to the Taj Mahal,exploring its stunning architecture, gardens, and learning about its history.

Agra Fort:

This massive UNESCO-listed fort is another significant historical site in Agra. The walking tour might cover parts of the fort and provide insights into its architecture and historical significance.

Jama Masjid:

Agra's largest mosque, known for its grand architecture and intricate design, is likely to be included on the tour.

Agra's Old City:

Exploring the narrow lanes and bustling bazaars of Agra's old city can provide a glimpse into its local culture and way of life.

Mughal Heritage Walk:

This walk takes you through the lesser-known heritage sites of Agra, showcasing various Mughalera structures, tombs, and other historical monuments.

Local Bazaars:

Agra is famous for its handicrafts and souvenirs. The tour might take you through local markets where you can shop for marble crafts, textiles, and other traditional items.

Mehtab Bagh:

Situated across the Yamuna River from the Taj Mahal, this garden offers a different perspective and a great view of the monument. Some tours might include a visit here.

Chini Ka Rauza:

This unique mausoleum known for its Persian-style architecture and intricate tilework is often part of heritage walking tours.

Akbar's Mausoleum:

The tomb of Emperor Akbar, located in Sikandra, could be included for its historical significance.

Local Cuisine:

Depending on the tour, you might get the chance to savor some local Agra delicacies and street food.

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